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Xero Training

1.0 What is Xero?

Xero is the online program that you will use to submit your weekly timesheet and apply for leave.  Helpers mainly use Xero to submit their timesheets.  This training will walk you though setting up your Xero account, submitting your first timesheet, and provide helpful torubleshooting hints for when things aren't working properly. 

2.0 Setting up your account

2.1 Receiving your invitation

You will receive an invitation in your personal email from Xero during your first week of work.  It may be in your spam folder, make sure to check.  It will be from 'noreply' and the title will say "You're invited to join the Xero Employee Portal".   

2.2 Accepting the invitation and creating your login

Step 1: Open the email and click on the Accept Invite button. 

Click on the blue button

Click on the blue button

Step 2: You will be redirected to a new webpage, click the Accept Invite button again.

Click on the green button

Click on the green button

Step 3: You will be asked to CREATE A LOGIN or login now.  CHOOSE CREATE A LOGIN.

Choose create login

Choose create login

Step 4: Creating your Login for the first time.

 Your information, name and address, are already provided for you.  All you have to do now is:

  1. Create a password - It must be 8 characters long and character must be a number.   Example: KatieC46
    Remember to write your password down, you will need it each week.
  2. Tick the box I have read and accept the Terms of Use
  3. Click the CREATE button
Make sure to tick the box next to I have read and I accept the Terms of Use

Make sure to tick the box next to I have read and I accept the Terms of Use

2.3 Logging in for the first time

Step 1:  You will be asked to login.  Enter your email address and the password you have just created.  Click the LOGIN button. 

TIP:  Go to and bookmark the site, this will help you navigate to Xero each week when you need to do your weekly timesheet. 

Don't ever click  Try Xero for Free, please create a login from the invitation we send you. 

Don't ever click  Try Xero for Free, please create a login from the invitation we send you. 

Step 2:  Once your login is successful, you will be directed to  My Xero, Click on Get You Organised. 

Click on the blue text that says Get You Organised.

Click on the blue text that says Get You Organised.

NOTE: You may be routed to the Get You Organised My Payroll page. 


3.0 Understanding My Payroll

3.1 The home page

1.  My Payroll

When you first login to your Xero account, it will take you to your My Payroll page.  There are a number of helpful items on the page, please take the time to review them. 

  • My Payroll Video - This short video will show you how to use your new Xero account and how to navigate the My Payroll page.  
  • Link Summary - Links to helpful pages
  • Contact information for Xero help - Please do not use this link, contact your payroll administrator directly for assistance with your payroll. 

2.  Salary Summary

  • Salary - This will show your hourly rate
  • Earning YTD - How much you have earned so far this tax year
  • Annual Leave - Does not apply for casual employees
  • Next Payment Date - When you will be paid next.  If your timesheet is turned in late, you will miss this pay date. 

3. Different Tabs

The tabs in this section help you navigate to different parts of Xero.  They will be gone over in detail later in the training.  For now, just familiarize yourself with the options. 


3.2 Understanding the different tabs 

Overview Tab

This tab contains a summary of your recent and historical activities. 

  • Your Pending Leave Applications - Please do not use the Apply For Leave button to apply for leave, contact the admin staff at head office directly.
  • Your Current Timesheets - You can see a list of your most recent timesheets as well as their processing status here.  You will use the Add Timesheet button to add your weekly timesheet.
  • Payslip History - You will be sent a weekly payslip from the payroll administration, but you can also view all of your payslips in one place by clicking the Payslip History Link. 
Overview Tab

Overview Tab

Your Details Tab

This tab contains your personal information, you gave us all of this information when you completed your Employee Information Form at the start of your employment with GYO.  Should you need to update your information, please do so by emailing headoffice.   Details contained include:

  • Personal Details - shows your name, email, birthdate, and gender
  • Employment - is where you’ll find the information about your rate
  • Contact - shows your address, mobile/telephone

Payslips Tab

Payslips is where you will find all of your past payslips.  You can open each one and see what you were paid during that pay period.  



Leave Tab 

GYO prefers you to apply for leave directly through the admin staff.  Please do not use the Apply for Leave button. 


Timesheets Tab

The timesheets tab is where you are able to see a list of all of the timesheets you have submitted to GYO.  They will each have a status next to them, telling you if they are processed, approved, pending approval, rejected, and draft.  


4.0 Creating and Submitting timesheets

4.1 How to add a timesheet

You can create your timesheet from the My Payroll Overview Tab or by using Timesheet Tab.  Either option will submit your timesheet to GYO.  Below are examples of what you will see for each option. 

My Payroll Overview Tab - You will need to click the Add Timesheet button on the right side of the page to create your weekly timesheet. 


Timesheet Tab - One you have navigated to the Timesheet Tab, you will need to click the +Add Timesheet button on the left side of the page to create a timesheet. 


4.2  Creating a Timesheet

Step 1: Add Timesheet - From either of the above options, click Add Timesheet.  In this example, the timesheet was created using the My Payroll Overview Tab option.  


Step 2: Select Current Week - Choose the period of the work you completed. The work week ends on a Friday, so the week ending date would be the Friday of the current week. In this example, the week you work is from April 20-24 so the week period you will choose is Week ending 24 April 2015. Then click on Continue button


Step 3: Earnings Rate: You should now be able to see your draft timesheet.  On the left, under earnings rate, select the rate you are currently on. 

  • Housekeeping Rate - This is the normal rate for housekeepers.  Choose this if you have been employed with Get You Orgnaised for more than 4 weeks. 
  • Initial Housekeeping Rate - This is the rate for housekeepers with less than 5 weeks of service at GYO.  Choose this for your first 4 weeks of work with Get You Orgnaised.
  • All other options - The other options listed are for office staff, do not choose any of these options if you are a housekeeper.