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Housekeepers. Cleaners. Mothercarers.

Hassle free home help for Sydney. We never want you to have to 'clean up for the cleaners' again.

Features of our help

We work hard to ensure that our services are hassle free and actually helpful to you. After all, we're here to get you organised. 



  • You get your own dedicated helper.
  • We handle the hiring, paying and checking of the helpers. 
  • You pay a simple hourly rate ($33.5 + GST for inner areas and $35.5 +GST in the north). 
  • We help you to create your own unique, comprehensive task list
  • Pay via direct deposit, PayPal or Credit Card - No Cash. 



A housekeeper is able to help you to manage the ongoing cleanliness and tidiness of your home. They work for a minimum of 4 hours per week in your home. Housekeepers are screened for suitability to ensure they are matched with your unique needs. 


Tasks Available

  • General cleaning and tidying
  • Laundry gathering, washing, drying & folding
  • Linen changes 
  • Ironing
  • Meal preparation
  • Dog walking
  • Other duties upon request 



A cleaner is engaged to clean your home and possibly provide linen changes. You are assigned your own helper, who works in your home at the same time each week. A cleaner cannot work for less than 3 hours per week, in the one session. 



  • General cleaning and tidying
  • Linen changes


A mothercarer is responsible for helping with the morning or afternoon routine. They usually help with picking up/dropping off children from school and other errands that you may need done while you are at work. A mothercarer usually works outside of business hours and comes with both a police check and a Working With Children check.



  • Child minding
  • Errand running
  • Light housekeeping (tidying, laundry washing)
  • Meal preparation



An organiser is responsible for creating harmonious, organised and efficient systems in your home. In many cases, an organiser works in your home before you are sent a housekeeper.


Tasks Available

  • Decluttering
  • Sorting wardrobes/linen cupboards
  • Suggesting storage options
  • Creating space and harmony in your home

 Recommended hours per week

Recommended hours per week

 Common questions & their answers

Common questions & their answers

 Still not sure?  Contact us

Still not sure? Contact us