Introduction to Home Housekeeping

1.1 Housekeeping in the 21st Century?

In the past, housekeeping was reserved for only the wealthiest of people. But, times are changingespecially in Sydney. People are busier than ever and really need the support of a housekeepernot just a cleaner.

Clients are time poor and they need more help than just cleaning.

By the end of your work you should have:

  • Cleaned
  • Tidied
  • Done Laundry

After all, clients ask you to work in their home so they dont have to take care of home chores themselves. If you do not do a thorough job they will fire you.

1.2 What is a housekeeper?

Cleaning in heels is not really needed!

Cleaning in heels is not really needed!

A housekeeper does not just clean & sanitise surfaces in the home. A housekeeper is employed to complete any routine or specific chores that may need to be done and may, therefore, be asked to:

  • Change bed linen
  • Pick up and tidy toys and de-clutter
  • Gather laundry and put into washing machine
  • Hang out and dry washing
  • Fold washing and put it away
  • Iron clothes
  • Prepare meals
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Drop off or pick up dry cleaning 

High-quality housekeepers are efficient and thorough. They know what needs to be done, can make decisions on-the-go, and can adapt to weekly routine changes.  You may not need to do all of the above chores in every home, but you should be comfortable and able to complete them, if requested.

A lot of people think that housekeeping is an easy job. We know that it is not. It’s repetetive, demanding, and often lonely.