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Why Would I Choose GYO?

We are all about providing hassle free services to our clients and excellent working conditions for our helpers. 


Can I Pay Cash?

No. We accept direct deposit, PayPal or Credit Cards only. We believe in fair working conditions (pay included) for our helpers - which is why we do not accept cash. 


What is the Registration Fee for?

The registration fee covers the cost for us to hire, train and place a helper in your home. It is a one-time fee that covers as many replacements as you may need during the life of your relationship with GYO. 


Why can't I have less than 3 hours per session?

For two reasons. Because we legally employ our helpers we must ensure that their working conditions meet the National and State legislation requirements. This means any time a helper works they must be paid for 3 hours. Secondly, we know that helpers are NOT motivated to work for less than 3 hours. It takes time and money to get to a clients home. If they are only paid for 2 hours we know they will be less likely to attend regularly. 


What is the difference between a cleaner and a housekeeper?

Cleaners just clean but housekeepers keep your house. This means they can tidy and do your laundry as well as clean. 


What work can I expect to be done?

Normal chores that are required within a home. This may include everything from light cleaning, laundry, ironing, tidying, detail cleaning, general housekeeping, dog walking and everything in-between. 


Will my housekeeper speak English?

Yes. If we cannot understand a prospective helper we do not hire them.


Whose Products and equipment do housekeepers use? 

Yours. Your helper will use the products and equipment in your home - to your specifications. 


When do I meet my HELPER?

On your first day of services or before you start, your choice.  They will conduct a consultation in your home and you can decide whether they suit you.


Do i give them a key or let them in?

It's up to you. You can decide whether to provide a key for your housekeeper or to let them in each week. 


Is the person coming into my home screened for suitability?

Yes! We work with you to develop a comprehensive task list, which we compare against a prospective helpers skill set before placing them with you.


What if I need to change the time of a session?

Tell your helper. We encourage a close relationship between our helpers and clients. Once a helper has been placed with you it is recommended that communication about rescheduling occurs directly with them.


What if something in my home is damaged?

Our housekeepers are covered by Public Liability Insurance including up to 5 million in property damage. This means that you are protected from any damage caused by any of our workers.


How do I pay for my helper?

We issue an invoice you the week after services are completed. We then process payment via Pay Advantage