About Natalie


It all started when…

I started GYO in 2011 with the aim of providing both short and long term solutions to home clutter/disorder. I provide short term Professional Organising sessions to get the home in order, then recommendations on long term solutions (including ongoing cleaning and housekeeping). 

I specialises in decluttering whole home environments with the aim of creating 'household-wide' solutions to disorder. I like to try to harmonise the movement of your belongings through your home.

By the conclusion of my organising sessions in your home you should feel confident that it will stay clean, tidy and clutter free with minimum effort.  

I have experience working with all types of people in all types of homes, from busy working parents to those dealing with loss/being overwhelmed. My sessions are structured around the needs and personality of my client, which means we can move as fast or slow as required. 

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