Conducting a Great Consultation

1.0 A Great Consultation

Consultations are a very important part of your new job with Get You Organised. A consultation will often set the tone of your relationship with the client. A great consultation will mean you have a good relationship with the client, while a bad consultation can result in a difficult relationship.

Getting the consultation right will set the tone of your work with the client

Getting the consultation right will set the tone of your work with the client


1.1 What is a consultation?

A consultation is when you visit the clients home for the first time, it takes place during the first 30 minutes of your first shift in their home.  It can also be a separate meeting before your first day which should also take 30 minutes.  During that consultation it is your responsibility to come to understand what your client wants from you when you work.

A consultation with a new client is not just about meeting the client and looking around their home. It is about getting to know what the client wants and needs from you. In many cases you will also need to ask a lot of questions to make sure that you understand what they want and need. 

Consultations are extremely important, as a housekeeper with GYO it is essential that you conduct excellent consultations. The good news is that once you are able to conduct an excellent consultation you will find your housekeeping work much easier as you will understand the needs of your client better.

1.2 Why consultations are important

Consultations with the client are very important because they help the client to get to know you and you get to know their needs.

A great consultation will result in the following:

Don't forget your great body language skills can be used!

Don't forget your great body language skills can be used!

  • The client will feel happy about having you as their housekeeper
  • You will understand what the client wants you to do in their home
  • You can check that they have the right products for you or that they have explained how they want you to clean
  • You are confident that you can get the job done in the time that you have been given

When housekeepers do not complete a good consultation with a client the following usually happens:

  • They do not know what the client expects from them
  • The client wants another housekeeper
  • The housekeeper is not motivated to work because they are overwhelmed


2.0 Timeline of Consultations

Your consultations with clients should always follow the same timeline, unless the client specifies otherwise. It is a very simple process which has a logical flow.

Checklist - Complete!

Checklist - Complete!

  1. Meet the client at their front door and shake their hand in introduction
  2. Take a tour of the home with the client and take notes in the Communication Booklet.
  3. Sit down with the client and review the Communication Booklet.
  4. Thank the client for their time and start your first session with them or arrange when your first session will start.

By the end of the consultation you should feel familiar with the home and your responsibilities.


2.1 The Communication BookleT

The Communication Booklet is a printed list of important tasks that the client has selected that they would like you to complete. It contains all the important information about that specific client. I also contains a section at the back where you can write notes to the client (and they can write notes to you).

Make sure that you take a pen so that you can write notes in the back section as you walk around with the client. 

3.0  Your Self Introduction

After you take a seat with the client (following the walk around) you need to introduce yourself. Remember, you should have already developed a self introduction as part of your Communication and Body Language training in the Understand Clients Module. This self introduction should be no longer than 4-5 sentences. It should not be your life history or your work history. 

Information that you should share is:

  • Your name
  • Background 
  • A general introduction to why you like working as a housekeeper.
A little about me... My name is Maria, I have been in Australia for 3 years. I like working as a housekeeper because it keeps me fit and I enjoy being active while I work. Before I worked in housekeeping I worked as a secretary but I prefer housekeeping much more!
— Maria Mucci

4.0  Finishing the consultation

You should always remember to thank the client for their time and make sure that they feel that you understand the role completely.