Decluttering, Organising, and the NDIS

Decluttering, Organising, and the NDIS

Wanting to learn more about the NDIS and organising? We’re here to help.

The good news is, in many cases, NDIS participants can access Organiser services through their plan. This is dependent upon the plan and what help you need in your home.

Before you start, it is important that you speak to any NDIS coordinators or plan managers who might have advice about accessing services like Professional Organising.

What we can help with:

  • Decluttering or sorting clutter
  • Helping organise your space
  • Sorting out storage
  • Arranging cleaning or maintenance
  • Assisting to creat task lists or action plans

How you access help from a Professional Organiser will depend on how your NDIS plan is managed. If you are self-managed, you have a lot more freedom to access support from a Professional Organiser. Plan-managed participants are also able to access support but it may be budgeted differently.

NDIS Participants we have helped with:

  1. A participant keen to move to their own space needing help to get started
  2. A family needing help to declutter to access ongoing cleaning support
  3. A participant with mobility concerns who needed help decluttering to ensure safety of movement
  4. A participant with degenerative health concerns needing physical support to sort their home
  5. Participants who need short term tidying before ongoing cleaning/housekeeping
  6. A complex family environment with a senior occupant experiencing severe hoarding disorder

Professional Organising and NDIS funds

We will work closely with you to ensure that your plan needs are being met. This means we may need to understand a lot more about how home Organisation and Organising features within your plan goals. If your plan already includes goals related to your home, reducing clutter, and improving cleanliness, then Get You Organised is a great place to start. We can provide short-term help with reducing clutter, creating systems for your home, and providing ongoing Housekeeper help to maintain your home.

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