Who is Get You Organised?

We are a dedicated team of people who specialise in providing excellent quality cleaning and tidying services to our clients. We were established in 2010 and operate across Sydney. During the week we are always working to screen, interview and co-ordinate our new and existing team members.


Once it is established, your schedule will not vary from week to week, unless you or your client are on vacation.  We assign you clients and you go to the same clients every week.  Your schedule is flexible and depends on your availability.  We have employees who work 35+ hours a week, and others who only work during school hours.  


GYO hires housekeepers as Casual Employees under the Misc Modern Award.  Casual employees attract Superannuation, are covered by WorkCover, are covered by a Public Liability Policy, and receive a PAYG Summary Statement at the end of the year for Tax purposes.  

Housekeepers must have a valid visa giving them the right to work in Australia.  Housekeepers must also have a valid police check and a Tax File Number.  

Public Holidays

Housekeepers and helpers are not allowed to work on Public Holidays, instead we ask that you arrange with your client to make the day up later in the week.  You will inform Head Office of the change via the Public Holiday Form.   

What tasks can I expect to perform?

Normal tasks include:

  • Cleaning
  • Tidying
  • Laundry
  • Ironing
  • Linen changes
  • Meal preparation
  • Grocery put away
  • Dog Walking 
  • In home detailed cleaning

If you are uncomfortable doing any of these tasks, we discuss this in your interview and place you in a home where they are not required.  


GYO Employees work from Monday to Friday and then get paid the Tuesday of the following week.  The payment goes directly into your bank account.  We pay weekly based on your weekly timecard or invoice.  We do not pay “off tax” or “off the books”, all income is reported to the Australian Tax Office. 

Do I have to take my own equipment?

No, your client will provide you with all of the cleaning supplies needed.  If they are missing something you like to clean with, please discuss it with them as most clients are happy to purchase those items.

Will my client be home during my service?

Some clients will be home, and some will leave you a key.  

What if I need to change a session?

We encourage a close relationship between our housekeepers and clients. Once you are placed with a client, it is recommended that communication about rescheduling or postponing occurs directly.  Once you have done that, please fill out the Schedule Change Form to inform Head Office of the change.  This must be done prior to the date of the change.  

When do I meet my client?

You should meet your client at your initial consultation, which should happen prior to your first day of work at their home. 

What if I damage something in a Client’s home?

If you damage something in a client’s home, you must inform head office and your client immediately.  As a casual employee, you are covered by GYO’s Public Liability Insurance Policy.