Some of the endorsements that we have received from our clients... 

(we update this page monthly)

Lerma is great, thanks for following up.
— Katy from the Innerwest, August 2019
John is doing really well and is always looking for feedback from us in order to improve (and taking any feedback on board).

We’re very happy so far- thanks
— Geoff from the North West, August 2019
Niloofar is excellent. She hasn’t settled into a rhythm just yet but is developing a good rapport with our son and is an excellent cook.
— Cheryl from the Innerwest, August 2019
She’s great, lovely and she seems experienced.
— Diana from the Lower North Shore, July 2019
Really well, really good. Good attitude, works really grea
— Kerri from the South East, July 2019
Over the past 3 weeks, we have had John as our housekeeper and he is just wonderful! He is the best cleaner and housekeeper, we have ever had in over 6 years, so thank you so much for finding him for us.
— Camilla from the Lower North Shore, July 2019
Viviana has been settling in really well, our son has taken to her quite quickly which is not usually the case. With regard to the house, we’ve been happy with her attention to detail and the level of cleanliness and tidiness.
— Robert from the Eastern Suburbs, July 2019
Many thanks & Vanessa continues to do an outstanding job!
— Lauren from the Innerwest, July 2019
Alice is great. Very thorough and lovely to have around.
— Natasha from the Upper North Shore, July 2019
We are very happy with the service from Gabriela, she is fantastic!
Thank you.
— Maya from Brisbane, July 2019
Illaria is great. I am very, very happy with her assistance.
— Natasha from the CBD, July 2019
Hazel is lovely. We love her work.
— Meni from the Inner West, July 2019
The house looks amazing. Thank you so much!!!
— Michael from the Inner West, July 2019
We are very happy with Luisa she does great job and is a good fit in our home.
— Natasha from the Northern Beaches, July 2019
Kristine has been incredibly kind and accommodating and does an amazing job in the house and the pets and kids feel comfortable around her. We can talk more about it with Kristine as we go - we want to make sure she is happy as well.
— Claire from the CBD, July 2019
John started yesterday, and he did a fabulous job! So far, so good, thank you!!
— Camila from the Lower North Shore, July 2019
Federica has been doing pretty well. She does what needs to be done. Helps re-organise, and we feel more on top of things. She is helping things get back to normal. We trust her and gave her key. In a word; she is polite, trustworthy, punctual.
— Brigid from the Southwest, July 2019
Ngawang is amazing, OMG! We gave her the same list as Kristine. We thought Kristine was the best, but Ngawang is better! She’s Brilliant. More is getting done. We have had to readjust because there’s nothing left to be done. She is doing lots of de-cluttering. We are so Delighted! So so happy with her!
— Nicole from Brisbane, July 2019
We love Jean. She is using the booklet and we are very happy with her work.
— Lisa from the Northern Suburbs, July 2019
We are very happy. Jasmine is a lovely lady, she gets work done with no fuss. We’d like to add extra hours!
— Heather from Brisbane, July 2019
Lucy does a fantastic job. Many thanks.
— Fiona from the Inner West, July 2019
Diana is amazing, we are very, very happy with her work.
— Lisa from the Eastern Suburbs, July 2019
Nani is doing very well, from our perspective. She does a great job keeping the house clean and tidy and shows good initiative.
— Amanda from the Inner West, July 2019
We are very happy with the services from Gabriela, she is fantastic.
— Maya from Brisbane, July 2019
Fiona is good! Very very thorough! The best cleaner they’ve ever had!
— Deirn from Brisbane, June 2019
Luisa did really well on Monday… if there is more specific feedback you require do ask. I didn’t brief her in terribly much as her work period is just 2 days! But based on what she knew of the job she had a really thorough and productive session.
— Rebecca from the Eastern Suburbs, June 2019
Over the last couple of years the housekeepers we’ve received from your organisation have been exceptionally good. The help and service from your headquarters has been professional, efficient and friendly, and I’m not sure how I would have gotten through the years (given our circumstances) without your help.
— Vanessa from the CBD, June 2019
Irena has been great for getting us organised
— Jo from the Innerwest, June 2019
Thu has been amazing.
— Melanie from the North West, June 2019
Abegail is wonderful, works quickly, takes initiative, and thorough and gets the job done.
— Nancy from the North Shore, May 2019
Beverly has been great – we have a simple paper system on the days she works and the system is working great
— David from North Sydney, May 2019
Diana has been amazing! Good clear communication, does everything we need, smart and organised.
— Liana from the Lower North Shore, May 2019
Irena has been great. We are very happy with her and every week she is settling into our routine better.
— Healeana from the Inner West, May 2019
Arnell has been doing a very good job! Taking a lot of initiative! Doesn’t need to tell him many times of the job. Confident.Very good in his job! Someone who can work independently. Very reliable! Arnell is saving him a lot of time! Wants to work for him permanently for a very long time! Produces very good quality of work. Very efficient! Gets lots of things done!
— Daniel from the Eastern Suburbs, April 2019
Yes, Smita is settling in well so far. I think she is quite thorough so it’s nice to have someone with attention to detail.
— Melissa from Brisbane, April 2019
Cintya is going well. She seems very thorough, conscientious. Been happy with her!
— Muray from the Northern Beaches, April 2019
Fiona is settling in very well from my perspective. She works well unsupervised and I am very happy with her attention to detail.
— Heather from Brisbane, April 2019
He loves the work from Chaiane!
— Ian from the CBD, April 2019
Once again we thank you so much for finding Arnell for us and wish to express our ongoing appreciation for his wonderful service.
— Susan from the Upper North Shore, April 2019
Thankyou, Itana is really going well. I’m very happy with her work, it’s lovely to have a clean house again!
— Emma from the North Shore, April 2019
Vanessa is doing wonderful work on Fridays and I have been fine to do the odd few jobs myself on Thursdays, so I think actually that perhaps we will just stick with Vanessa on Fridays for the moment.

Thank you so much for your help.
— Fiona from the Lower North Shore, April 2019
She said Arshdeep is good. She is happy with her and she thinks HK is also happy working there as she smsed her asking if she was willing to work for her permanently.
— Ian from the North Shore, April 2019
We are thrilled with her. Friendly, chill, and very fastidious at her job. A very good find for GYO, and we are glad we re-signed with you once again.

Thanks for checking in, Rowena!
— Alison from the Inner West, March 2019
Stella’s been really good. Been really happy with her. She’s been great. Always on time. Completes all the tasks, happy to do extra work. So far so good.
— Leanne from the Lower North Shore, March 2019
Very happy with Fiona. Work has been done. Happy for her to become permanent!
— Robyn from Brisbane, March 2019
He’s great! Lovely, Very detailed. Efficient!
— Rebecca from the Upper North Shore, March 2019
Joyce did the most amazing job, absolutely fantastic! Instinctive cleaner!
— Lisa from the Eastern Suburbs, March 2019
She is very happy with Daiane! She said Daiane was excellent!
— Emma from the North Shore, March 2019
Regina has been very well. Very good at cleaning. She is still settling/adjusting in terms of ironing, but she’s happy with her cleaning.
— Lucy from QLD, March 2019
Mirela is absolutely lovely!! She settled in very well thank you. Very happy with her :):)
— Barbara from the CBD, February 2019
Miki is great! We love having her in our home. She is a really hard worker, and is very proactive.
I have only positive things to say about her. Many thanks.
— Paula from Brisbane, February 2019
I am very satisfied with Delilah’s work, she is pleasant and attends to all requests
— Catherine from the CBD, Feb 2019
Good afternoon Rowena, Thanks for organising Cintya for me, she is fabulous
— Jayne from the Northern Beaches, Feb 2019
I just wanted to say that I’ve come home today and the house is emaculate including my back and front gardens!! She’s done a fabulous job.
— Barbara from the Northern Beaches, February 19
Stella is doing a wonderful job, thank you for taking the extra effort to find her
— Valentina from the Innerwest, February 19
Nani has been great! We’re really happy with her!
— Jennifer from the Innerwest, February 19
Jodi is doing excellent work for us, thank you.
— Anthony from Brisbane, February 19
Thanks for organising Cintya for me, she is fabulous.
— Jayne from Northern Beaches, February 2019
Thank you Rowena! Window cleaning was wonderful, thank you! and Tina is doing an amazing job too.

I’m looking forward to having my cleaner start back up in the new year and having Tina more on hand with the great housekeeping she does for us.

Thanks for helping me get back on track and I look forward to a more organised 2019!
— Rhonda from Innerwest, January 19
She’s fantastic! She listens, she’s a great communicator! She’s always asking questions, always clarifying which is great! She’s great! Great with the dogs! Everything’s great!
— Connie from Ryde, Jan 19
Hi Rowena, just a quick note to let you know that Ligia is lovely and did the most amazing tidy on my home yesterday. I’m already delighted with the placement! Thanks so much
— Kate from the CBD, December 2018
I’m pleased to tell you that Aline did a wonderful job cleaning today, I was extremely happy with her work. I hope she’s happy to continue coming on monday mornings.
— Lucie from the Eastern Suburbs, December 2018
Thanks for the update. Amanda has been great thanks. It’s been so good to have her while we wait for a permanent helper.
— Mura from the Northern Beaches, November 2018
She’s very good! Very happy with Itana! Fantastic!
— Catherine from CBD, November 2018
Thank God!! I can’t bear to lose Arnell. He’s fantastic!!
— Susan from the Upper North Shore, November 2018
Crystal is going wonderfully. I am very happy with her.
— Adele from Brisbane, November 2018
Fantastic! She did such a lovely job! She really takes care of her home. Well done!
— Suzanne from the Inner west, November 2018
Michaela is absolutely fantastic. I can’t speak highly enough of her work or attitude. She’s punctual and so professional and polite. A delight to have around. Thank you for finding her!
— Natash from the Northern Beaches, November 2018
Abegail is fantastic, and we’re very pleased with her. She’s thorough, meticulous, and seems to have a lot of initiative. Couldn’t be happier at the moment.
— Vanessa from the CBD, November 2018
Jexssie is great and takes feedback well. She is very thorough with her cleaning.
— Yvette from the Eastern Suburbs, November 2018
Firstly it has been a joy working with Michaela in house today. She is very easy to work with and does great job.
— Natasha from the Northern Beaches, October 2018
Very happy! It’s been really good! I’mhappy that Luara looked up Enjo products and even watched videos about it before she started.
— Corrina from the North Shore, October 2018
Meiko has been doing a nice job and we’re appreciating having our service later in the week each week. She seems to be settling in well.
— Laura from the Lower North Shore, October 2018
Jacquie is doing fantastic - we love her! Thank you so much for finding her so quickly!
— Leah from the Eastern Suburbs, September 2018
Thanks so much for this week. The house looks great, dinner was yummy and I cannot wait to eat the cake!!! Enjoy the rest of your week.
— Joel from the CBD, August 2018
Tiffany was amazing, fantastic, very very happy!!!
— Michele from Upper Northern Beaches, August 2018
She’s doing great! Really really really enthusiastic, hanging around when she doesn’t need to. She can leave and turn the dryer off, Connie will sort it when she gets home. Lovely, she really wants to do a great job. Great! Very thorough. Very earnest.
— Connie from the Ryde Region, August 2018

Tiffany did an amazing job on the garage. Really happy with it
— Angela from the Lower North Shore, July 2018
Natsuko has been really fantastic – she has done such a great job, she was wonderful with following the instructions I left her, and just a lovely person.

I had Natsuko doing a lot of jobs for me like tidying out cupboards, mainly because she was getting through the work quickly and felt that 8 hours was too much.
— Linda from the Inner West, July 2018
Thanks for the email. Yes we are very happy with Luisa. She is lovely and does a great job.
We really appreciate all her help.
— Daniel from the Northern Beaches, July 2018
She is amazing! We love her very much! She’s terrific, very nice, good communicator, a hard worker. THANK YOU!
— Sally from the Lower North Shore, July 2018
Yulieth has been so fantastic we are really happy and don’t want to lose her!
— Leah from the Eastern Suburbs, July 2018

She is doing quite well, we are very happy :)
— Christopher from Sutherland Shire, June 2018
She’s doing great! She’s efficient and lovely and everything is working out well!
— Robyn from the Sutherland Shire, June 2018
Carolin came today and I just wanted to let you know she did an excellent job .. thank you ..
— Louse from Northern Beaches, June 2018
We had our first session with Ei today and she was fantastic.
— Ben from the CBD, June 2018
I have been very happy with Luisa.

My children are very comfortable with her which is particularly wonderful.
— Patricia from Northern Beaches, June 2018
I didn’t meet her, but Jessica was very pleased with her efforts. Dawa was responsive, showed initiative and had a good eye for detail.
— Michael from Eastern Suburbs, June 2018
I am really happy with Deborah, she has been doing a great job.
— Linda from Inner West, June 2018
Apologies for the delay, Layla has been amazing!
— Magdalena from Eastern Suburbs, June 2018

She’s amazing. The best cleaner ever yet! Very very very happy with her!
— Jasmine, Eastern Suburbs. May 2018
I just wanted to drop a note to say how pleased we are with Luisa.

She is a fantastic cleaner, a pleasure to deal with and great with our dogs.

She is without a doubt the best cleaner we have had with your company and any others.
— Kerri from the North Shore, May 2018
She’s excellent! She’s really lovely. She’s done a really great job!
— Naomi from the Inner West, May 2018
Please record that I am very pleased with Camila’s work.
— Robert from the Lower North Shore, May 2018
Absolutely fantastic! Really great! She’s been doing a lovely job. She’s been wonderful!
— Linda from the Inner West, May 2018
Very happy with Ana. Timely! She’s been doing a good job!
— Andrew from the Inner West, May 2018

We are very happy with Lucy, she has been the best cleaner we have ever had. Very reliable and always very good quality work.
— Mark from the CBD, April 2018
We’re very happy with Luisa and all the other girls we’ve been sent to our home. We’re very happy with GYO!
— Laura from the Lower North Shore, March 2018
Deborah is very thorough in her cleaning and pleasant to have around. We are very happy with her
— Aparnaa from the Eastern Suburbs, March 2018
Zora is fantastic! Exceptional! We are very very happy!
— Daniel from the Upper Northern Beaches, March 2018
Zora is amazing, really good! Did a really great job! She cleaned thoroughly. Really really happy!
— Magdalena from the Lower North Shore, March 2018
We’ve had a few weeks now with Alejandra settling into our helper job and we are really happy with how things are going
— Anna from the Lower North Shore, March 2018

Fernanda is fantastic. Everything is going great!!
— Matthew from the Inner West, February 2018
Yes, Itana is lovely. She is settling in well and does a great job for me. I love having her. I hope she likes coming too!
— Martina from the North Shore, February 2018
Thank you for organising Juliana to come to our house. She seems really lovely. Juliana came for three hours today - we showed her around the house and then she has done an amazing job doing an initial clean.
— Corena from the Inner West, February 2018

Thanks for checking in. Zaneta did an excellent job - very thorough, attention to detail, so we are really happy, and if we could have Zaneta going forward that would be great
— Jasmine from the Eastern Suburbs, January 2018
She’s great! She’s working really well, happy with her! She’s a good fit, diligent, a lot more thorough in terms of A2D. Happy to respond to feedback, and do what she’s asked, reliable. Happy to do things the way the client wants. My mum is happy with Mieko as well!
— Andrea from Upper North Shore, January 2018
She’s been great! She’s really good. English is not challenging at all. She has tackled a bunch of extra tasks, been really happy with her. Tried to engage Lucy with chat, and the confidence is there.
— Annabelle from the Inner West, January 2018
Laura is fantastic we love her and she is settling in very well. We are happy to have her permanently in our home.
— Jules from the Eastern Suburbs, January 2018

I just wanted to provide you with feedback that our cleaner Lucy Chen is consistent in doing a great job cleaning our house. She is also great with the dogs which was very important to us.
Have a great Christmas
— Mark from the CBD, December 2017
Helen has been great this year. Thank you for the work you do.
Wishing you and your team a wonderful Christmas and New Year.
— Christine from the North Shore, December 2017
Arnell was fantastic. The house looked wonderful to come home to and given I arrive home after 7.00 pm most days it was great. The house was clean fresh and tidy. I sent Arnell a message that I was very happy with his work. We would love Arnell to be our regular housekeeper. Many thanks for sending us Arnell.
— Susan from the North Shore, December 2017
We have had a great experience with your company, and Joan has done a wonderful job.
— Rhiannon from the Inner West, December 2017
Thanks for checking in. We’re really happy with Alison. She’s settled in well and is making a world of difference!
— Tiffany from North Shore, December 2017

We are so happy with Lucy, glad she has helped our family this year!
— Jane from the Sutherland, November 2017
I also wanted to give you belated feedback that Alison’s standard of cleaning was exceptional
— Megan from North Shore, 5 Nov. 2017
Thank you so much for organising for Tiffany to attend to our messy home. She is superb. I really appreciate the brilliant work she did in our home. She is a pleasure to deal with. Many thanks.
— Susan from North Shore, Nov 17
Many thanks for identifying a good housekeeper for us. Nellie has been great so far. We are very happy with her.
— Aparnaa from Eastern, 4 Nov 2017

Geise has been really great, and thank you so much for organising her for us. Hopefully Karen is improving
— Linda, Balmain East, Innerwest, 30 Oct 2017
Fernanda has settled in well. She is intelligent in her approach, has a lovely manner, seems honourable, and takes pride in thorough work. We feel very comfortable with her so far.
— Anne-Therese /Peter from Inner west, 20 Oct 2017
Irena - our oven is so clean I don’t recognise it!! And our fridge is so beautiful too (from Tuesday). Thank you so much - you are making such a wonderful impact to our home life!
— Amanda/Charles from Inner West, 13 Oct 2017
Can I just say how happy I have been with the service from your company, and in particular from Alison who is always cheerful, never complains and is always very thorough. I wish I could take her with me
— Greg from Ryde, 9 Oct 2017
Jean has been great this week - thank you. Given the size of our place and with a big family, there is always lots to do. I asked Jean how she felt about increasing her hours and she said that was okay. Are you happy for her to come for 2 x 4 hour shifts (8 hours total). At the moment she is scheduled for 2 x 3 hour shifts.
— Andrea from Upper North Shore, 13 Oct 2017
I would like to begin by thanking you for arranging Luisa to be our housekeeper. Luisa has productively help to put our house back ‘in order’, allowing us to prepare for the next big project in our family, renovations. Luisa’s time in our home, has allowed me to focus on this project and get it underway
— Jacqui fromUpper North Shore, 5 October 2017
Anna did an amazing job, really took time to clean things that had not been done for a long time!
— Michael/Natasha from Northern Beaches, 5 October 2017
We are very much enjoying having her in our home and our lives. Everything runs smoother with Irena around as we are so busy!
— Lauren from Inner West, 2 Oct 2017

Geise did a wonderful job, fantastic! - One-off, spring cleaning job
— Linda, Upper North Shore, 21 Sept 2017
I just wanted to say THANK YOU for sending me Bilgunn. She just did her first session with us this morning and I couldn’t be happier
— Bree MacKay, Sutherland, September 14, 2017
I also wanted to provide feedback on Lucy. She is an exceptional housekeeper. We are so thrilled she has come into our life. Week to week the place is perfectly managed and faultless.Thank you for providing such a wonderful service.][Lucy Cheng
— Jane from the Sutherland Shire, September 2017
Please let the GYO team that we are very happy with our housekeeper Lucy. She keeps surprising us with the level of detail on what she does.
— Mark from the CBD, September 2017
Luisa is really fantastic. Excellent!
— Kate from the Lower North Shore, September 2017
Fran is really great! We are so happy with her work – our house looks amazing!
— Emily from the Lower North Shore, August 2017
I’m very happy with Jacqueline who is doing a great job as a housekeeper. I would recommend her.
— Shoshana from the Inner West, August 2017
Thanks again Rowena, Geise has done a wonderful job. Many thanks for your wonderful services.
— Greg from the North Shore, August 2017
Everything is going extremely well and Jebelyn is a great operator. Our home feels very organised!
— Annick from the Ryde Region, August 2017
I’m very happy with Trang. She’s approachable and friendly and is doing a good job. We’re still working out just what needs to be done, and that sort of things, but it’s all going well. I’m certainly appreciating the help she provides.
— Ian from the CBD, August 2017
Renata is doing a wonderful job. I have checked in with her and she always seems happy, I hope this is the case. Please let me know if she needs anything.
— Emma from the North Shore, August 2017
Joan is doing really well and is a very hard working. I only have to tell her once if there is something I want done and she will do it without anymore prompting. She keeps the house very clean and tidies up really well. She is a good choice.
— Rosanna from the Innerwest, August 2017
Paula did a fantastic job today - thankyou.
— Angela from the Eastern Suburbs, July 2017
We’d recommend her to anyone looking for a housekeeper, who just gets on with the job quietly and efficiently - she did a great job!
— Jackie from the Eastern Suburbs, June 2017
We really like Vanessa!
A) she has gotten ahead of the cleaning now so each week she is able to sneak in some organizing
B) she takes feedback really well
C) she is just so nice and pleasant
— Ian from the Innerwest, June 2017
Thanks so much for organizing all of that. Alejandra came and did a beautiful job. We were wanting to keep her on as our regular housekeeper if that’s possible?
— Sam from the Innerwest, June 2017
Jennifer has been wonderful, thank you.Very polite,efficient and a great help.
— Claudia from the Lower North Shore, June 2017
Natalia has been just terrific. She is not just good, she is simply superb.
— Ian from the CBD, May 2017
In terms of Juliana, the feedback is all good. She’s got a lovely disposition and the girls warmed to her quickly. I found her to be cheerful and energetic about her work. She was quick to take up the tasks we set her and we’re happy to have her in our home working with us.
— Juliana from the Innerwest, May 2017
Yes, Ilaria has been with us for over a year now! We think she is great. Very meticulous and a great sense of initiative. She is the best cleaner we have ever had! And she is very nice too.

I do not think there is anything to improve. We have a very good working relationship and would not change anything to the current arrangements
— Sandrine from the Eastern Suburbs, May 2017
Thank you for finding her, I’m happy with Danielle. She’s lovely
— Danielle from the Northern Beaches, May 2017
We love Natalia. She does a wonderful job and we are very happy with her!
— Mark from the Inner West, May 2017
Marina is awesome I wish I discovered you guys 3 years ago. With my husband been totally blind it has helped us catch up with a lot of house hold chores which was weighing us down. The place is looking great and even sparkles, my husband especially loves the smell when he comes home on the days she works. If you could pass this onto her and let her know she is muchly appreciated.
— Bailey from the Innerwest, April 2017
She’s fantastic. I love her! She’s great! She’s got initiative. She works really hard. Pleasant to have around. She’s perfect!
— Kate from the CBD, April 2017
Camila - She is fabulous!! Seriously amazing.
— Stephanie from the Northern Beaches, April 2017
I was hoping you could pass on some feedback about my housekeeper, Bettina.

Quite simply, she is outstanding. Proactive, friendly, trustworthy and great at what she does. She makes my life so much better with her thoughtfulness and the extra effort she takes to make my house feel like a home.

I would be pleased to give a referral to any new customers of yours that are considering Tina as a housekeeper. She is an asset to your business and while yours is a premium product, the service is well worth it.
— Sarah from the Eastern Suburbs, April 2017
She’s fine. She’s only been two weeks, but she’s been great, fantastic! She cooked nice meals. She also extended work hours which is lovely touch, amazing!
— Rebecca from the Eastern Suburbs, March 2017
Just thought I’d drop you a note to say how pleased I am with Ana, best cleaner I’ve had by a long way! Thanks again.
— Daniel from the CBD, March 2017
Shirley is excellent. Good at her job, helpful, obliging and a very nice person as well.
— Mark from the Upper North Shore, March 2017
Jebelyn is terrific! She is lovely.
— Jes from the Innerwest, March 2017
We are very happy with the standard of Mariane’s housekeeping. She is thorough and has attention to detail, but is also efficient. She is also very lovely and we are happy to have her come to our house each week.
— Robert from the Eastern Suburbs, March 2017
Valerie is awesome. Actually I think she is the best of all the ladies you have sent me.I am getting her a key so that she can come in the house independently. This is the first time I have done this for anyone, so that speaks volumes..
— Charlie from the Innerwest, March 2017
She’s fantastic. I’m really really happy with her. She’s working out well.
— Lisa from the Inner West, March 2017
I was only thinking to myself that I should contact you earlier today to thank you for finding us Michaela. She is absolutely fantastic and by far the best housekeeper we have ever had! The house has never been tidier, cleaner or more organised. She is proactive and fits in so well to our household - I couldn’t be happier.
— Natasha from the Upper North Shore, February 2017
Lindsey is fantastic! We are very happy with her, so if you please with her, please let her know that and that we’re looking forward to seeing her again next week!
— Aaron from the Northern Suburbs, January 2017
It’s terrific! Everything got done, all went well. She knows her priorities, with good sense of what she would achieve, positive!
— Rebecca from the Eastern Suburbs, January 2017
Thais has been doing a fantastic job! Great job.
— Robert from the Eastern Suburbs, January 2017
Carolinne is good, she’s doing a great job! Worked out in 3 weeks to get across what I want/need, and she’s stepped up the mark. She’s done really well. She’s lovely!
— Mikala from the Eastern Suburbs, December 2016
She’s very good, she knows what she’s doing, she’s got the foundation, pleasant! Happy with her!
— Lily from the Eastern Suburbs, December 2016
Bettina is going fantastic! I’m very happy.
— Irene from the Eastern Suburbs, December 2016
She’s been fantastic, awesome...absolutely awesome! She’s been lovely and had significantly spent more than her hours. Simona was sort of expecting it on her first day to take longer, then afterwards, she got everything done. She’s really lovely, cheerful, friendly. She’s come early when I’ve asked. My mom and I are very happy with her!
— Simon from McQuarie Park, November 2016
Betty came today and she was great!!!!
— Jenny from the Inner Sutherland Shire, November 2016
Tiffany is good, lovely personality. Only met her twice so far so good, will take time for her to get to understand how I like things done. She makes the beds excellently without me telling her how, she even put my decoration cushions in the right way. Winner!
— Stephanie from the North Shore, November 2016
Carolina really is fantastic
— Anna from the Eastern Suburbs, November 2016
We have been really happy with Gloria - she has been doing a great job and is a very clear communicator which makes our lives easier.
— Ooma from the Lower North Shore, September 2016
With regards to Sung Mi, she is going very well and we are happy with the way she completes her work in a very professional manner.I believe that she is happy with her environment here and our children appreciate what she does and often stop and have a chat with her. She is keen to learn various new things eg when I’m cooking we talk about what and how I’ve made certain dishes. She had some very useful household tips which is fantastic. I like how she uses her initiative.
Thank you for placing her with our family
— Catherine from the North Shore, September 2016
Renata did such a great job for us – she was wonderful. A real asset to your business.
— Louisa from the CBD, August 2016
Hi GYO team. I just wanted to take a moment to write a glowing review for my helper, Adrian. He is an absolute joy, and has a fantastic eye for detail cleaning. He has made a real difference to the running of my busy household.
— Amanda from the Northern Suburbs, August 2016
Kristina is going fantastic! She does a beautiful job, is very clean and thorough, seems to be keeping on top of the work.
— Sarah from the Inner West, July 2016
We are still extremely happy with Ilaria. She really has great eye for details and sense of initiative.
— Sandrine from the Eastern Suburbs, July 2016
Fhove has been fantastic! She’s awesome! She’s by far the best HK that GYO sent to our home.
— Iain from the Southeastern Suburbs, June 2016
I love Carolina! She’s brilliant, fantastic! I am so happy you sent her to me!
— Anna from the Eastern Suburbs, June 2016
By the way, we continue to think Jennifer is fabulous and I’ve heard good reports too from where we have referred your business.
— Frier from the Inner West, Jun 2016
We continue to be so pleased with having Tiffany sort out our house on Fridays….it is the best start to the weekend for me and has significantly eased my pressured time.
— Susan from the Lower North Shore, May 2016
Alejandra has been terrific, generally. We really think she’s great!
— Nicholas from the Inner West, April 2016
Nichola is really great! I am very impressed with her! She’s been amazing!
— Monique from the CBD, April 2016
Gloria is fabulous. I just thoroughly appreciate the quality of work she delivers every time! She is gold!
— Melissa from the Lower North Shore, April 2016
It has been an absolute pleasure to come home on a Wednesday after Maria has visited!!

She is very efficient & thorough, and the house is always sparkling & fresh, but it is the little extras each week. we love coming home to discover the little adjustments she has made to our lives through a bit of styling here & a bit of organisation there, the folding of the towels to the reorganisation of our spice racks, she has made a huge difference to us in a very short space of time, and we really appreciate it.
— Jacqueline from the Inner West, April 2016
Anawela is brilliant. We love her!
— Jane from the Inner West, April 2016
Alejandra is very, very good. She is excellent. I think she probably did too much than expected!
— Nicholas from the Inner West, April 2016
She’s doing a great job! Ash is really great.
— Danielle from the Eastern Suburbs, April 2016
Maria’s excellent and lovely. I’m very happy!
— Sheila from the Inner West, April 2016
Illaria’s Great! We’re very happy with her. She’s fantastic!
— Sandrine from the Eastern Suburbs, March 2016
Many thanks for the email, I am very happy with Illaria, she is great and has taken to our house really well, very happy to have her.
— Craig from Balmain, March 2016
Anna has been fantastic!
— Anne from Cremorne, March 2016
Kayan has been doing a good job... It is certainly a help that her English is a lot better, and she is a really pleasant person to have around.
— Linda from Balmain, February 2016
Luisa is fantastic! She is fussy (like me) in making the house look immaculate!
— Sally from Maroubra, February 2016
I just can’t tell you how happy we are with Luisa’s work. So much so, we’d like to request her to be our housekeeper going forward.
Is that possible?
— George from Darlinghurst, January 2016
RE: Jennifer. Very well. I’m happy at this point and that we can work together to get the balance of tasks right for us.
— Frier from Glebe, January 2016
Kayan has been terrific!
— Nicki from Pyrmont, December 2015
I was very happy with Grazielle and hope that she will be allocated to do my job. Grazielle got locked out of my home when she went out to put the bin so couldn’t complete all the tasks (about 1hr short) but because she did such a good job I will pay the full amount.
— Rosanna from Pyrmont, December 2015
I was very happy with Tiffany and what she achieved on her first service. I could recognise her experience and there were no communication
difficulties. I look forward to having her help my family.
— Elizabeth from Roseville, August 2015
Kayan has always been a dedicated, capable polite and friendly helper. She seems to instinctively know what needs to be done and works around my
little girls naps (making sure she is cleaning the opposite end of the house so as not to wake her). She is also very receptive when I give feedback on particular ways I like things done in the home.

I feel like Kayan goes the extra mile, she packs everything away and empties the vacuum and bins when she’s done.
— Rainer from Leichhardt, May 2015
Re: Elletra. She has a great attitude. She is conscientious.
— Lisa from Willoughby, May 2015
RE: Elettra. Outstanding! She’s awesome!
— Robin from Frenchs Forrest, May 2015
We are delighted with Juanita, she has made a real and tangible difference to our lives.
— Robin from Frenchs Forest, September. 2013
As I mentioned on the phone this am, Jennifer seems very good and thorough; she is cleaning spots that haven’t been cleaned for some time. As I can clearly see that she is doing things at a level above what a lot of cleaners do.
— Adriana from Roseville, May. 2013
I have spoken to my husband this afternoon and he has sung Beatrix’s praises. He said she is wonderful and has done a lot today.
— Laura from Vaucluse, April. 2013
Hi Natalie. I just wanted to say thank you for sending me Rowena. She is perfect.
— Michell from Newington, April. 2013
Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say Cheryl is fabulous - we are very happy with how everything is going. It is great to have someone with so much experience running her own household, raising her own family etc - she spots things just because she knows what to look out for.
— Kerry from Roseville, Jan. 2013
Beverley is amazing. She is just what we needed in our home. Thank you so much for finding her for us.
— Tenar from Coogee, Jan. 2013
Thank you for finding Josie for us. She is friendly, efficient and a hard worker. I finally feel like I can rely on good help each week. She’s a godsend!
— Jen from Westleigh, Jan. 2013
Please pass along my thanks to Katherine and Elizabeth for coming. They have done a fabulous job and the house is finally back under control!
— Katherine from Artarmon, Dec. 2012
Syleste is in a word, magnificent. Everything was perfect, beyond perfect!
— Monika from Kings Cross, Dec. 2012
She is reliable, fastidious, and easy going. It is a rarity to have the good fortune to find someone with her good taste and work ethic. We are very grateful to her for all her help and our lives have improved since she came into our home!
— Laura from Lindfield, Feb. 2011
I am very pleased with the job Kath is doing - she is great! It is so nice to come home from work, to new sheets and towels, ironing done, clean floor and bathroom etc etc.
— Leanne from Bondi Junction, August. 2011
Thanks for all the housekeeping and organising this last couple of months - it’s been terrific! Marie has great attention to detail and is a fabulous housekeeper.
— Cathy from Bondi, Dec. 2011
Thank you for finding Joan for us - she is working out great, and with some extra trips to hospital planned over the next few weeks, I think that she will be great.
— Maree from Barden Ridge, Dec. 2011
Our housekeeper does a really great job and is very flexible!! Which is fantastic
— Sarah from Drummoyne, Aug. 2011