Introduction to Get You Organised

1.0 Welcome to the team

 We take our responsibility as a Housekeeping agency very seriously and this means that we are responsible for maintaining a happy, productive and long term relationship between our Housekeepers and our clients.

This part of your onboarding is designed to introduce you to GYO and how we operate. Although you are free to work with your own clients in whatever manner you wish, we expect that you uphold our brand image and promises while working with our clients.

There is a compulsory short answer quiz located at the end of this document which must be completed as part of our Housekeeper Training.

2.0 History of GYO

In very early 2011, we set out to eliminate the phrase “clean up for the cleaners”.

We knew that all across Sydney families were paying hundreds of dollars each week for the privilege of spending their evenings shoving their belongings under beds or into cupboards – all to come home at the end of the day to a house that was hardly cleaned or tidied at all.


3.0 What We Are About

We are about giving families across Sydney back their free time. We are committed to improving the lives of both our housekeepers and our clients.

GYO is about giving families back their spare time and eliminating chore guilt. We want to empower families to feel confident about their decision to ask for help and also to speak proudly about it - because let’s face it – for far too long in Australians have treated home help as a dirty secret!
— Our core client mission

3.1 Our Promise to our clients:

  • To provide hassle free housekeeping services
  • That we will maintain the general cleanliness, tidiness and associated chores within their homes
  • To consistently strive to provide services which not only meet their expectations, but also to exceed them
  • To provide the highest quality housekeepers that consistently provide excellent services

 3.2 Our Promise to our workers:

  • Regular and prompt payment of wages
  • Plainly worded expectations of service
  • Professional and courteous communication at all times
  • Relevant and timely feedback

4.0 Our Team Members and Their Role Within GYO

It’s always great to know where you stand in an organisation. Although you may not be involved with your fellow GYO staff members on a daily basis, there are some relationships that you must understand. 

4.1 Administration and Accounting Staff

They are engaged to manage the everyday operation of our business. They are the people you speak to about your clients, your work or pay queries. They are on call to you between 9 and 5 pm during the week.

4.2 Recruitment Staff

They are engaged to manage the hundreds of housekeeper applications that we receive and to process the initial stages of candidate applications with GYO.

4.3 Professional Organisers

We employ a number of Professional Organisers who work within clients homes (usually before housekeepers begin work) to organise and tidy various spaces within the home. Occasionally, you might meet with a Professional Organiser within the home. Their work is largely independent to housekeeping, but if they require some assistance to move something or to help with cleaning a space you are obliged to assist (schedule permitting).

4.4 Housekeepers & Mothercarers

The backbone of our organisation - our helpers are the workers who interact daily or weekly with our clients. We rely on the ongoing work of our helpers to run the business.  Our helpers work on a weekly schedule. 

 We rely on regular, up to date and relevant communication from our helpers in order to operate the business smoothly (and this includes paying helper wages).  Helpers are to email and call head office with any changes or important information regarding their clients.

5.0 General Introduction to Your Role & Commonly Asked Questions

5.1 Employment Options

We employ housekeepers on a casual basis.  We do not employ housekeepers part time or full time. While we can work to provide you between 4-35 hours per week you will generally not be given "full time" work with clients. 

5.2 Weekly Pay

GYO Helpers and employees work from Monday to Friday and then are paid the Tuesday of the following week.  The payment goes directly into your bank account.

We pay weekly based on your weekly timesheet.  We do not pay “off tax” or “off the books”, all income is reported to the Australian Tax Office.

You must log on to Xero, our timesheet program, each week to complete your own timesheet by 9pm on Sunday night. Without submitting this timesheet you cannot be paid.

You should be working full shifts and should not need to use partial hours on a regular basis. However if you do leave early for some reason, please track your hours in Xero as follows:

15 minutes should be listed as .25
30 minutes should be listed as .50
45 minutes should be listed as .75

Please note:  You are not allowed to work overtime in a client's home.  Should you work additional time, you will not be paid for the additional time and will be written up for violating the Schedule Policy.  For further details, please see the Schedule Policy in the Policy and Procedures section of the intranet. 

5.3 Your Schedule

Once it is established, your schedule will not vary from week to week. You will go to your clients each week at the same time. We will place your clients with you as based on your availability to work, your location, and your skills. 

You are expected to work for your clients at the same time each week and not to change their days or hours without prior notice to GYO head office.

We do not offer fortnightly work because we want to ensure that you will have the opportunity to know your normal weekly pay and to have a stable income. 

5.3 Your Shifts & Minimum hours

Your schedule will be made up of shifts between 3-4 hours in length. This means that you may be able to work with two clients per day. We do not typically allow long, 6-8 hour, shifts for one client in a day.

Get You Organised has a policy of a minimum 3 hour shift, this means you are not permitted to work less than 3 hours per day per client. This means that you cannot work for 2 hours for a client under any circumstances. If your client requests for you to work only 2 hours per day you are to notify head office immediately.

The exception to this is your initial consultation with a client.  While they should ideally occur during the first 30 minutes of your first shift at a new client's home, sometimes this does not suit the client.  Your client may arrange an after hours consultation, this should take no more than 30 minutes.  You will add the time spent at the consultation to your first shift in their home on your timesheet.  Example: Your normal shift is Monday for 4 hours, you have attended an after hours consultation, you would put down 4.5 hours on your timesheet for Monday. 

5.4 Public Holidays, Client Holidays, & Weekends

Helpers are not permitted to work on weekends with our clients under any circumstances. You are welcome to arrange your own work on weekends with your own private clients. If a client asks you to work on a weekend you must tell them you cannot and advise GYO head office. 

Public Holidays may interrupt your schedule during the year. Unless you are specifically advised by GYO Head office you are not permitted to work on a public holiday. We will be in contact with you well in advance of any public holidays to find out if you will be cancelling your sessions for the day or changing them to another day of the week. 

Your clients may take weeks off over major School and Public Holidays, this usually happens around Easter and Christmas.  Please note, while GYO makes every attempt to find fill in work for housekeepers during these slow times, we are not responsible for loss of income over theses periods.  Experienced GYO housekeepers often plan their personal holidays around the times their clients will be away.  

 5.5 Tracking Hours

When you are given a new client, you will be given a specific schedule which details the day of the week and the specific hours you are to attend from Head office.   This schedule is to be precisely followed.  If your schedule is on Mondays from 8am to 1pm, you will need to be at the client's home by 8am and leave no earlier than 1pm.   Clients pay for our services by the hour and get very upset when their housekeeper leaves early. 

There will be times when your client disputes the hours you have done in their home.  We find the best way to confirm the hours you have worked is to take a screen shot on your phone of the location where you are and the current time.  You can email this to head office on a daily basis, we will store the information for you in your file.  We recommend doing this for every shift. 

 5.6 What tasks can I expect to perform?

 Normal tasks include:

  • Cleaning
  • Tidying
  • Laundry
  • Ironing
  • Linen changes
  • Meal preparation
  • Grocery put away
  • Dog Walking
  • In home detailed cleaning

If you are uncomfortable doing any of these tasks you must advise GYO head office prior to beginning work.  You must also inform head office if you are allergic to any pets or scared of them.  

5.7 Do I have to take my own equipment?

No, your client will provide you with all of the cleaning supplies needed.  If they are missing something you like to clean with, please discuss it with them as most clients are happy to purchase those items. 

Do not take equipment with you to clients homes. 

5.8 Will my client be home during my service?

Some clients will be home, and some will leave you a key.  You will be told which during the consultation.

5.9 What if I need to change a session?

We encourage a close relationship between our housekeepers and clients. Once you are placed with a client, it is recommended that communication about rescheduling or postponing occurs directly with the client. 

Once you have done that, please call or email and inform Head Office of the change.  This must be done prior to the date of the change. Please note, if you do not tell us of a change we cannot write a note on the clients account and this may affect your weekly pay.

5.10 What if I am sick?

If you are sick, you must communicate with your client and with Head Office as soon as you know you're going to miss a session.  You must call and SMS your client, and then call Head Office immediately at 02 8011 3655.  You can also email  You will need to tell us if you have arranged a make up day later in the week, or if you are just skipping services that week.

5.11 When do I meet my client?

You should meet your client at your initial consultation, which should happen during the first 30 minutes of your first day of work at their home.  If this does not suit your client, you may have to meet with them after hours. Arrange this directly with the client and then advise GYO via email of the date and time.  

5.12 GETTING new clients

Head office will call or email you with the opportunity to get new clients.  There are a few rules you must be aware of before you ask for new clients.

1. You are not allowed to give up your current clients in order to get a new client. There are no exceptions to this rule.

2. You are not allowed to change days or times of your existing clients to allow for a new client.

3. While you may ask for a particular client, GYO reserves the right to place housekeepers as we see fit.  If we don't feel you will be a good fit, we will not place you with that particular client.