Introduction to Home Housekeeping

1.1 Housekeeping in the 21st Century?

In the past, housekeeping was reserved for only the wealthiest of people. But, times are changing. Busy families need a housekeeper, not just a cleaner.

By the end of your work you should have:

  1. Cleaned

  2. Tidied

  3. Done Laundry

1.2 What is a Housekeeper? Read Below Carefully

1.2 Cleaners are not housekeepers

Having done cleaning, either as a professional, in a hotel, or at your friends home does not mean you are a housekeeper. It means you have a basic understanding of how to wipe a surface only.

Housekeeping is very different - as you learnt above. A good housekeepers is efficient and thorough. They know what needs to be done, can make decisions on-the-go, and can adapt to weekly routine changes. 

They clean to a very high standard, tidy up and put things away (where they belong) and can handle laundry (washing, folding and putting away).

A cleaner picks up clutter and puts it back down in a pile, a housekeeper puts items into cupboards/spaces where it belongs.

2.0 Product & Cleaning Guide

When you are working in your client's home, you will be expected to recognise common household chemicals and know how to correctly use them.  The link below contains a guide to the most commonly used products in Australia.  It tells you what they are, and how to use them.   Download the document and review it. Make sure you know what to use and how to correctly apply the product.

Download the link below: