Organising Tips for Busy Families

Are your paper piles so out of control that you cringe at the mention of tax time?

Local home organiser, Georgie, sees this every day. She helps mums control the paper piles in the home leading to a stress free tax time. She shows busy mums simple and tailored ways to avoid the paperwork piling up around the home. 

This helps to remove that constant guilt and weight on their shoulders and help them reclaim time they would rather be spending with the kids. “I understand that whether you are a working mum or not, you all run a home and that is full-time job in itself” says Georgie.


Here are her 3 tops tips to kick start de-cluttering the paper piles to ensure that tax time is stress free.

3. De-clutter

The reality is, if you don’t reduce the amount of paper you already have then you won’t be able to move forward with a clear head – and this is needed to implement any kind of change. You will feel immediately lighter, after all, less stuff equals less stress and as Georgie always says “less on the ‘to do’ list” - as every item of paper is effectively a ‘to do’ item.

2. Organise

You can’t avoid paper entirely but you can start to control it by being aware of it the moment it enters the home – before it is put down randomly. Before it touches a surface, think about where it belongs. This is where you get organised and decide on the best collection point. For example school notes can be placed on a pin board above the bag rack or in an in tray in the kitchen. This way everyone in the family puts it in the same place! And this is where Georgie will work with mums individually to decide the most effective collection points for their home.


It’s important to set yourself a routine to regularly deal with each of the piles. By doing this you are giving yourself boundaries about when you need to deal with what. By giving yourself permission to deal with one pile at a set time you don’t have to constantly think about it (or constantly feel guilty about it). “By staying on top of the paper piles, the procrastination is resolved because you know that the schedule you have set up ensures you will tackle each pile regularly”

Georgie helps clients who have a mind block on the clutter in their home, by helping them part with things they don’t really need and showing them better ways to organise what they already have.  

One client Anne, says ‘de-cluttering has enabled me to have time to enjoy my life’. And other client and mum, Charlotte, recalls ‘before Georgie came, I didn’t realise how much a visit from Georgie was worth. But the sanity, the calm, and the organisation I have enjoyed since, was the best therapy I have ever invested in!

If you are feeling overwhelmed at the thought of preparing your tax this year, give GYO a call and let her get you organised and in control of the paper so that you can banish the procrastination for good.