Q & A With One of Our Housekeepers: Marina

We sent one of our housekeepers to have a photography session before sitting down to ask her about what it is like to work with GYO.

Morning Marina! Tell us a little more about yourself. You are from Brazil, is that right?

That's right! I came to Australia in April 2015. I initially studied English but now I am studying postgraduate Marketing. I live in Bronte and love being here! Australia is such a nice country and I really like living so close to the beach. 

What did you do for work before you joined GYO?

I worked in a few restaurants and cleaned for some other Brazilian families, but it was all very casual and it was hard to get regular hours. I did cleaning back home but I knew from friends that cleaning in Australia is a lot different to at home. One of my friends referred me to GYO, she had joined a few months before I arrived in Sydney. I applied to work with GYO in November 2015. 

Do you enjoy working with GYO? I promise that isn’t a loaded question! *laughs*

Absolutely! I promise. The training was really thorough and I learnt a lot. I learnt more than I thought I would. I just thought it was going to be easy but it did take me some time to learn everything. Having the in-home training really helped me put it all together, though. 

I enjoy having my clients be the same each week. I know where I need to be and when. It makes it easy for me to plan my studies and days off. I also like that I can just call up Rowena when I need to make a change and she makes things so easy! My clients are also pretty nice too, they are happy to have help and a lot of them have really friendly dogs that keep me company when I work. 

Have you ever had any very good or bad experiences with a client's pet?

Only good ones with dogs! Some of them like to follow me around the whole time I am working. It’s good to have someone to talk to. I usually just give them a pat or two as I walk past.

The worst experience I had was with a very unfriendly cat. I didn’t realise he was hiding under the bed and I clawed at my ankle as I was taking off the sheets. It was more of a shock than painful, but I do always check under the bed before I change the linen in that house now! haha. 

What is something unexpected that you learnt while working as a housekeeper?

Hmm. I’ve learnt a lot. I learnt a lot more casual English when I started working in housekeeping. Sometimes it is hard to get out and improve your English when you live in shared housing with other Brazilians, so I found that I learnt a lot when I first starting talking with my clients.

I have learnt a lot more about Australia and its culture, while working. There are so many ways of doing things that are different to back home, it is really great to experience the differences. It’s exciting because I would really like to stay in Australia and work in marketing, which means I need to know a lot about the culture. 

How much longer do you have to go on your course?

I have 6 more months to go. Once I have finished I will try to get a job, but it is tough. I will have to go home to get the right visa to stay, and there is so much competition. I will work with GYO for as long as I can, because it is a great stable income, but I will be excited when I start working in my chosen field. 

Thanks for agreeing to answer our questions, Marina! We appreciate your time. We hope you enjoyed your photoshoot! Thank you for joining GYO and we love having you with us. 

Big Changes To Our Payment Methods Coming

We will be moving from a pre-pay format to a post-pay automatic deduction as of the 1st of July 2016. 

This change will coincide with the conversion of GYO from Sole Trader to the newly established Pty Ltd format. As of 1st of July our old bank account will be closed and all payments will need to be made to our new account via Pay Advantage

We thank all of our loyal clients for their understanding on this change and look forward to the exciting new chapter in GYO! 

You Spoke, We Listened!

New policy in effect: We'll offer smoother helper transitions at our cost. 


You spoke. We listened.


We know that helper changeovers are frustrating. With that in mind we're offering a new helper change-over service.

To make things easier and less disruptive we will now endeavour to arrange for the outgoing helper to conduct a consultation with the incoming helper, in your home. In some cases this may not be an option, but will be offered where possible. We will absorb the cost for the half hour consultation. 

GYO Head Office

A Great Place to Work - The Results Are In!

The simple fact is that Get You Organised is THE place to work. Even without the data, we know that the team here is among the most welcoming and rewarding in the country. Our recent housekeeper surveys agree with us, and reveal how over 95% of our employees enjoy the work they do with us, this includes high satisfaction with the jobs they are assigned, their pay rate and their interactions with head office. We’re all too happy to provide an environment in which housekeeping professionals can thrive, and at it’s heart, we simply love being able to give people a job to enjoy.