Natalie started GYO many years ago providing a combination of Professional Organising and Housekeeping services. These days Natalie works more in the management sphere, but occasionally works on larger projects. She specialises on decluttering whole homes and creating 'household-wide' solutions. As such, Natalie will typically work with clients over a series of days to work through most (if not all) areas of the home.


This wonderful woman has been a professional and accomplished business and personal organiser for over 4.5 years.  Although Annie has extensive experience across all organisational projects – she isparticularly good at organising offices, home-offices and studies – toensure this really important aspect of life flows easily andeffortlessly and efficiently.


Lyn lives and works in & around the Western Sydney. She is available to work as both a Housekeeper and Professional Organiser in clients homes. Lyn is an energetic, empathetic and gentle organiser who loves to create order in her clients homes. She enjoys creating ordered systems while also maintaining a sense of livability within a home.