Some of our Helpers are listed below.

We have over 80 helpers working in homes across both Sydney and Melbourne. This adds up to nearly 1000 hours per week of help!

Lucy C

Hours per week: About 22 hours per week (her desired amount)

Time with GYO: Almost 5 years 

Review Snippets -  "We are very happy with Lucy, she has been the best cleaner we have ever had. Very reliable and always very good quality work." & "She is an exceptional housekeeper. We are so thrilled she has come into our life. Week to week the place is perfectly managed and faultless. Thank you for providing such a wonderful service."

Brief Bio: Lucy is in her 50s. She has lots of cleaning and housekeeping experience in New Zealand and in Australia as well. Her skills include Laundry, Ironing, Mothercare, Meal Preparation and General Cleaning. She started in GYO with her daughter as her interpreter, and now, the clients are happy with her English.


Tiffany T

Hours per week: 15-20

Time with GYO: 3 years 

Review Snippets: "She was fantastic! She's helped me. Just what I needed!"

"Thank you so much for organising for Tiffany to attend to our messy home. She is superb. I really appreciate the brilliant work she did in our home. She is a pleasure to deal with."

"The session with Tiffany was brilliant! She is extremely personable, and was so efficient and effective at reorganising the linen closet and pantry for me. I highly recommend her as a professional organiser to help clients sort their household items so that they are easy to find!"

Brief bio: Tiffany started a permanent resident then turned into a citizen. She is in her 40s with lots of cleaning and housekeeping experience. Prior to GYO, she worked as a housekeeper in Absolute Domestics - Melbourne for 6 years. 


Alison T



Hours per week: Around 6 

Time with GYO: 4 years

Review Snippets:

"Thanks for checking in. We’re really happy with Alison. She’s settled in well and is making a world of difference! Thank you for doing such a fantastic job!"

"Can I just say how happy I have been with the service from your company, and in particular from Alison who is always cheerful, never complains and is always very thorough. I wish I could take her with me but I am relocating to Far North Queensland so not practical.."

Brief bio: Alison is a wonderful, mature English lady. She has more than 8 years of housekeeping experience in the UK and more than 5 years in Australia. She used to work in private and elderly homes. Her skills include meal preparation, laundry, ironing, organising, shopping and general cleaning.

Melanie N

Time with GYO: Almost 2 years

Hours per week: 23 hours on average

Review Snippets:

"We are absolutely delighted by Melanie's work over the last month. Would it be possible to offer her a permanent position?"

"We had our first session with Melanie today and she was fantastic!"

Brief bio: Melanie is from China in her late 40s. She used to work as a cleaner in commercial establishments back in China and she gained more housekeeping experience when she arrived in Sydney.

Natsuko N

Time with GYO: Almost 3 years

Hours per week: 37 hours

Review Snippets: 

"Natsuko has been really fantastic – she has done such a great job, she was wonderful with following the instructions I left her, and just a lovely person. I had Natsuko doing a lot of jobs for me like tidying out cupboards, mainly because she was getting through the work quickly and felt that 8 hours was too much."

"We really like her, she's so much better - she's efficient and she's what we always wanted in the first place!"

Brief Bio: From Japan in her mid 40's. She has lots of housekeeping experience in private homes. Her skills include laundry, ironing, tidying, meal preparation, and general cleaning. She is happy to work in a home with children and pets. She is a lovely hard working woman and her clients love having her in their homes. 

Sue Murphy


Sue is a wonderful, mature housekeeper from Ireland. She has 6-7 years of housekeeping experience in Ireland and two years here in Australia. She worked in private homes and has worked in Aged Care as well. Her skills include Meal Preparation, Laundry, Ironing, Organising, Shopping, and General Cleaning. She is happy to work around children and pets.

Our head office team

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