Overview of the Organising Process


The heck is organising anyway?

Over the past decade, Professional Organising has come a long way. Even when I started GYO many people had no idea what it entailed. Now, with the rise of shows like 'The Living Room' and specialists on "Oprah", the public has at least some idea of what an organiser does. 

A good organiser is someone who works with you to create systems of order and structure in your home that suits you and your family. It should be something that works long term - not something that falls apart when the organiser departs. 

I see a lot of tips and techniques from TV celebrity organisers and posts on Pinterest that make me shudder. A lot of the very pretty/photogenic systems of tidy order are really hard to maintain in real life unless you dedicate a lot of time keeping them going.

Organising is about being tidy, but it is also about that tidiness being easy to maintain.