Working With Teenagers: Easier than you'd think


Working with kids and teenagers is usually very enjoyable. For a lot of kids, what they want to keep or discard (donate or otherwise) is very straightforward. Essentially, most kids have a lot less emotional baggage about their belongings than adults. They also usually love being empowered to make choices about belongings stored in their own environment. 

I have very basic parameters for working with kids:

  • Your room - your choice (nothing stays in their room they don't want in there)
  • I'll respect your decisions, so long as you make a decision

The room pictured belonged to a 13 year old boy. A lot of the items in his room were from younger years and he had moved beyond them. It was a simple process of having two buckets which he sorted things into - one for keeping and one for discarding. 

The most difficult part of the process was keeping his decision making going (usually an hour is tops). He did a very good job advising me what were his current interests and we were easily able to declutter the space.

2 hours later!

2 hours later!

We ended up with a much easier space to use and a lot less clutter! It was only a brief session (part of a much larger one) but we accomplished a lot.