Tidying a Cupboard

Learning to tidy as you clean is a skill which sets housekeepers apart from cleaners. It is important that you always work to improve the tidiness of the home as it is one of your primary responsibilities.  

Follow these simple tips to tidy any space in the home.

1.0 Identification

Identify the key area that needs to be worked upon. There are a few easy to spot signs that an area of the home needs some tidying:

  • The space is above 3/4 capacity with items
  • The space never stays tidy for longer than a day
  • Nothing has an identifiable spot within the space
  • Everything in the space is jumbled together


 2.0 Ask Permission

Once you have identified an area that is untidy it is important that you confirm with the client that he or she is willing for you to tidy it up on their behalf. See, some clients do not like housekeepers going through individual items in their home, whereas others may expect it as part of the job.  

If you are going to approach the client about tidying up a space (especially a big one) you need to get answers to the following questions: 

  1. Is it OK if I tidy up this specific area? 
  2. As I tidy, can I put things that do not belong elsewhere? 
  3. If I come across broken, out of date or unnecessary items would you like me to throw them away or put them aside for your viewing?
  4. Are you OK if some of the items that I sort stay 'out' in case I need to put them in another 'to tidy' location? 


 3.0 Plan Your Tidying Session 

Once you have confirmation from the client it is important that you start to plan your tidying session.  

Make sure that you gather all of the supplies that you will need to complete the job efficiently and quickly. You will need:

  1. Cleaning supplies to wipe down items and shelves (clothes, sanitising product, a detail cleaning product etc)
  2. Depending on the size of the space and the items that you need to sort you need to find some baskets or boxes to use AS you tidy. For example, you could use empty washing baskets or toy buckets. 
  3. If you are tidying an area with food you will need rubbish bins and bags. 
  4. Your phone or watch to keep an eye on the time. It is easy to spend too long on a space and we know that you only have limited hours to work on these projects.  

It is easy to take on too much but you should never undertake a tidying job in lieu of your other duties. If you are needing to tidy a very large space with a lot of clutter (like a linen cupboard) you should work shelf by shelf . This means that you can move on to your other jobs without running out of time.


4.0 Tidying Step By Step Guide

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