Top 3 Reasons Why Organising TikTok/Instra Messes Up Your Clutter-Free Dreams

Top 3 Reasons Why Organising TikTok/Instra Messes Up Your Clutter-Free Dreams

I must admit that I do not follow a lot of organisers on social media for organising. I was late to the party about Marie Kondo (the ideals of which are different to what you’d expect!) and I just generally avoid social media, in general.

Let me explain why…

Turns out that many of my clients can name several organi-fluencers (TM!) and often, while we are working together, they will share with me that they have spent a lot of time trying to ‘follow their methods’. In many cases, clients are confused about why they are unable to replicate the amazing ‘results’ that their social media stars appear to achieve. This feeds into the cycle of guilt and self-loathing that (I must say) typifies social media usage.

Let’s investigate why this might be…

Just like most modern businesses, the goal of social media is for you to increase your consumption. Be it watching more, checking in more, or going out to buy a product, at the end of the day; the goal is for you to consume.

One of the key ways they do this is by tapping into our FOMO or feelings of guilt about inferiority. It is a whole lot of ‘if only’.

#1 When it comes to Organising; Consuming Can’t Fix Clutter or Cure Disorganisation

Notice how every few weeks, there are new storage ‘hacks’ that feature brand new products from well-known plastic producers? These stories or posts are carefully curated and are geared to trigger your emotions. You probably feel like you need to rush out and buy a specific item. The carely curated content tells you that “If you don’t have XYZ product you won’t be organised” (even those selling brand products). You won’t live a clutter-free, beautiful life.

The thing is, a product itself won’t make you more organised, over time. Ironically, that ‘clutter clearing’ item, will likely end up AS CLUTTER, in a side room of your house (laundry, garage, etc) before making its way to the bin/charity store.

One of the key problems I find when I come across organi-fluencers is the medium and long-term usefulness of the organising systems they use. Although a beautifully labeled, decanted, pantry looks amazing in a photo, it can be very challenging to maintain. In many cases, if you pay attention, the organi-fluencers are simply spruiking a product or brand for you to buy.

Keep in mind, a social media video does not address the reasons why your spaces are disorganised, nor do they offer advice about how to prevent clutter from reoccurring, by thinking about the best method of organising for your home. So, many people end up spending money and time half installing a product-based-system that they can’t maintain.

When you stop and think about it, how could buying MORE help you with clutter?

organising can help

#2 Photos Are Not Painting The End Result

So often, we hear about people who are living extravagant, manicured, ideal lives in the public eye, only for it to emerge years later how much they were struggling. This is likely true of the beautiful, perfectly curated systems installed by organi-fluencers.

Not only do so many Instagram/Tik-Tok pantries/wardrobes require a huge amount of monetary investment to curate (storage boxes, etc), but they are extremely challenging to maintain.

Most curated pantries that I see rarely allow for fluctuations in items, changes in routine, or give thought to how anyone else in the house (husbands, children, babysitters) can understand the system.

I have done organising in luxurious homes that have two kitchens, with beautifully installed pantry-storage items. Kitchens that are simply gorgeous to behold… but they have been designed for looks and not simplicity. They are usually extremely hard to maintain.

A good system in your home is unlikely to be particularly pretty. If it works when you have had a bad day, your kids are sick, and the dog is giving you grief, then it is a good system. When a professional organiser is organising your home, that is what they are considering on your behalf.

Be critical of content that does not allow for flexibility (holiday events, extra items, bulk buys, etc) and relies on one person to undertake all of the maintenance.

#3 What Emotion Is This Content Tapping? Oh, guilt and ‘FOMO’…

So much organising social media content is designed to make you feel bad. But, it usually does it sneakily so most people don’t notice.

“If only I had this item, exercised this much, cared this much, etc, I would be as happy/content/neat as this person”. It is an insidious form of negging that keeps people addicted to consuming content (and, resultantly, buying products or services). But, without the actual goal of you achieving that elusive product oriented nirvana. If you are having mental health troubles, consider whether assistance with organising from a professional organiser might help.

Years ago, I happened to work in a co-working space alongside an influential health blogger who had written a book about removing a certain food type from her diet. She spent a lot of time spruiking a hardline diet which was fairly challenging for the everyday person to maintain (but, oh boy, was there a lot of content about how she did it easily and ‘you can too’). I have to say that this blogger certainly did not follow the diet herself and often laughed about this while sipping a sweetened beverage.

So, where does that leave us?

Don’t get me wrong. Social media is not all bad. There is plenty of great content around that is ‘tips’ based and might help you to improve your daily clutter-busting skills. But, you must consume your content critically. When you are looking at organi-fluencers, think about the ideas or products, think about whether this item or idea will suit your home and family.

In many cases, if you are feeling guilty, and have tried and tried to get organised – and have not seen much improvement – it may be time to get a professional organiser in to help. We can cut through the noise and point you on the right track – one that is ideal for you and your home.

Products that rarely work (or, items we organisers have to throw out a lot):

  1. Immaculate, single-size storage containers for spices – They won’t fit all the spices you need, they might not fit the entire packet (so, you’ll keep the extra bit), your family might just go out and buy duplicates, labels peel off, you have no idea how long products have been in there…
  2. Labeled containers for every item in your pantry. 9/10 family will just open a new packet and put it back in the cupboard, they won’t decant. You usually don’t have the time to decant every single item when you lug home groceries. The items that have been decanted go off because you are using the packets (and it is so cluttered you have lost the container anyway). Let’s face it, it’s a good day if you can get the items out of the bags and into the pantry!
  3. Spinning jar/bottle holders. They get wonky when you have too many things on them. They take up a lot of space around the O when you could simply put more readily accessed items in front of the less used ones. Useful only in certain shape pantries for High Use Items.
  4. Baskets for larger food. You will forget anything that is not on the top. Or, your husband will come home with a huge bag of pasta that doesn’t fit. Baskets HIDE items and are not a space-efficient way for MOST items (they are handy for smaller baking items or spices). Want to lose food? Put it in a basket…
  5. Shoe racks/containers. Hey, sometimes they work. But, most of the time, an enclosed shoe receptacle is where old shoes go to die and get forgotten. Meaning, that the shoes you actually wear will sit in the space where you or your family normally take them off. When thinking about shoe storage, it is important to think about how people normally move around your space, that will help guide you to the right receptacle for you!

Put down your phone. Think about the best Organising processes for your home… It usually means you need to Unfollow those organi-fluencers . Want some positive only content about housekeeping and organising? Check out our Facebook page.

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