We are always looking for experienced, reliable and suitably qualified housekeeper trainers to join our team.

We provide helpers all across Sydney. When our new hires are employed by us they are required to complete a series of both online and in-person training modules.

Our in-person training is conducted in a home environment to provide the best training to them. We have developed a specific training module which our trainers follow to ensure by the completion of the induction any new hires are able to be placed with clients.

Looking for some flexible hours during your week?

Our Trainers work from 1 to 4 days per week, its up to you how much you work.

We are always looking for suitable trainers to provide a home space for our helpers to train in. The requirements are as below:

  • The trainers home must be clean and tidy so a helper has a good environment to train in.
  • The trainer must be able to use an IPad and online forms.
  • The trainer should be the only person at home during the training (no housemates, children or spouses).
  • The trainer should have excellent attention to detail and cleaning ability themselves.
  • The trainer should be fluent in English and capable of providing training to helpers.

Our arrangements with our trainers is flexible. We are able to provide very casual work or you can be engaged on an ABN basis, if you prefer. At a minimum they need to have: 

  • Your own apartment or home to train in
  • Fluency in English
  • A minimum of 4 hours per week (on one day) to train
  • Be within 10 km of the CBD of Sydney
  • Verifiable English skills
  • Cleaning experience, professional, is preferred. 

What we provide to you?

  1. An Ipad Pro pre-loaded with required content
  2. Products the trainee will use
  3. Head Office access via email or Skype.
  4. We pay $75.00 per completed induction (roughly 3 hours duration).

Apply To Be A Trainer Here

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Thank you for my wage. I am so grateful getting payslip today.

Since work with you, my life has changed better,
I’ve got nice clients, getting stable income,finished living with housemates and started living by myself at a comfortable granny flat.

Thanks to you, I am so happy and enjoy at work everyday!
— One of our helpers, April 2016