5.0 Ironing Training

1.0 Introduction


Ironing clothes is one of those tasks that some housekeepers find scary, but worry not, the more you do it the better you will be at it!

Here, we'll break it down into the three simplest, most common cases: Shirts, pants, and skirts. 

What You'll Need:

  • A clean iron (without rust or burnt starch, because that ruins clothes!)
  • An ironing board
  • A bit of water, preferably in a spray bottle
  • Some light starch if you like to use it

1.1. Set Up The Iron and Ironing Board

  1. Get; ironing board, iron, ironing spray (water or dedicated spray), more water, and hangers!
  2. Set up your ironing board in a clutter free space. Plug the iron in to a power point and make sure that the cord is not going to get stuck on anything.
  3. Make sure you have somewhere nearby to hang the items you have ironed without them getting re-creased.
  4. Make sure the iron is the correct temperature. 
  5. Make sure your iron has water in it and make sure you have spare water. If your iron has no water in it (i.e. to produce steam) it will triple your ironing time. 

Do NOT use an iron near roaming children or pets. Do NOT lay a hot iron on the ironing board. DO NOT walk away from a hot iron. 

1.2 Iron Settings

Irons can easily damage different types of clothes. What fabric is damaged by an iron is very similar to the fabrics which are damaged by the dryer.

You must always read the label of the clothing to see if it can be ironed. 


Sheets and business shirts can be ironed very hot. Everything else should be a medium heat. 

A damaged iron a housekeeper broke by ironing a decal. This cannot be fixed.

A damaged iron a housekeeper broke by ironing a decal. This cannot be fixed.

Do not iron over the top of:

  • Shirt Buttons
  • Decal on the front of the shirt (prints)
  • Glitter
  • Stitched buttons or similar

If you iron these things you will damage the iron and we will have to replace the iron. You will be issued with a warning and multiple warnings may result in termination.  



1.3 Business Shirts

Please watch the video below. You will be asked to demonstrate Ironing of shirts during your induction. 

Business shirts are the most common item that you may be asked to iron in a clients home. It is vital that you know how to iron them. 


Make sure that as you iron the shirt you do not crease areas you have ironed. Be very careful of letting the shirt hang in an uncreased manner off the board. 

1.3 How to Press Suit Pants

There's a reason people say "press" instead of "iron" for pants. Even though you'll still be using an iron, it's gentle pressure and steam that are going to do the work, not so much the motion and heat of the iron itself.