Bins and Rubbish

We understand that sorting rubbish is a new concept for some of our helpers. It is absolutely vital all of our helpers are able to understand how to sort rubbish properly. We have had feedback from several clients who have had their helpers put the wrong rubbish in the wrong bin. For some clients, this can be very upsetting and frustrating.

Please read below and complete the linked training. This is mandatory knowledge and we require you to put this knowledge into practise in your client's homes. 

Red Bin.jpg

Red Bin

This bin is for rubbish that cannot be recycled. Soft Plastics, scraps of clothes etc.

  • PLASTIC BAGS do go in this bin.
  • If your client does not have a green bin then food scraps can go in this bin.
Yellow Bing.jpg

Yellow Bin

The yellow bin is for items that can be recycled.

  • Do not put any plastic bags in this bin.

  • Ensure containers are free of food (rinse with leftover dishwasher or scrape any food out).

Green Bin.jpg

Green BIN

You can also put shredded paper in this bin.

If you sweep a patio of leaves then they should go in this bin.