This is a mandatory application for all helpers employed by GYO. 


What is WiW?


WiW is short for When I Work. It is a website that helps us to work efficiently together.


  • You can see WHEN and WHERE you are rostered to work.

  • You can access your schedule via phone or computer. 

  • Head Office can contact you easily about jobs.

  • You set your own work availability in WIW. 


Why are we using WiW?

We have so many helpers and clients that we needed an easy way to see when and where our helpers were during the day. 

For us - it means we can see who is available for new shifts and we can assign available helpers without making many phone calls.

For you - it means we won't have to contact you as much about possible positions. If you keep your availabilities correct in WIW we will only contact you about jobs which fit your schedule. 


What do you have to do?

Accept the email invite. Simply follow the steps found when you received the email invite.

  1. You will receive an email “You’re invited to the Get You Organised work schedule on When I Work”

  2. Follow the steps, click on the links provided.

    1. Click on the Accept This Invite found in in your email. Once you clicked the link, you will be rerouted to a page like below. Always keep this link available so you can open your account anytime without a fuss.

    2. Create your own password.


  1. With every step you’ll make, WiW customer service employees are always there to lend a hand. But we’re also ready to provide assistance as well.

  2. You can change your password by clicking on CHANGE PASSWORD button. A pop-up window will let you change your password. 

Once your account is created you need to set up a few things...


    1. Upload your own picture or avatar to make it more personalised.

    2. Change the sleep preference and add your total preferred weekly hours (if you are on a student visa you must only select 20 hours).

    3. AND DON’T change anything else.

    4. Make sure you save all your changes by clicking on SAVE button/s.

Alert Preferences (how you will receive notifications)

You will receive a lot of alerts if you do not set this up correctly they will become annoying

  1. Scroll down to Alert Preferences. You can change from Email to Mobile or both for each alert. HOWEVER, mobile reminders are not guaranteed and you will be charged for it, so we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you retain Email reminder as your Alert Preference.

  2. Make sure you save all your changes by clicking on SAVE button/s.

set your availability.

Its your responsibility to update Your availability regularly to reflect when you can and want to work.

  1. Hover your cursor to your picture or avatar. Options will be shown.

  2. Choose My Availability Option. In here, you can set up when you are available.

  3. Select your mode, either Preferred or Unavailable.

4. Then hover your cursor on the day. Click from what time you’ll start then drag to what time you’ll end.

5. Repeat this for each day.

Then click on the SAVE button. If you make an error, just click on CLEAR button. And start again.

check your schedule (this will be updated once you sign up)

  1. Hover your cursor again to your picture or avatar.

  2. Choose My Schedule this time.

  3. Current day will be highlighted as light green so you immediately know where you are.

You might also see only some schedules as we already added your current schedules. You can go back to your My Availability to change what you set up there in order to synchronize with your current schedule/s.

pen Shifts

We always have clients coming on board or needing new help. When we get a new client we will put the shift up on the schedule. You can check the schedule for available work.

Please note the following:

  • Just because you are available to work does not mean your skillset will match a clients requirements. Head office will assess suitability before confirming placement.
  • Agreeing to take on a client means they are now you client. It is not temporary (unless it is a holiday replacement position).


  1. You can also see some ‘Open shift/s’. You can click on these to know what and where the available shifts are.

    1. Click on the Open Shift/s

    2. Hover your cursor over the pop-up window...


  1. Click on INFO, a pop-up window will show the closest address, client's requirements and other preferred schedules, and if the job is a short term or long term placement. 


2. When you want to work on an available open shift/s, please call Rowena at 02 8011 3655 to discuss these in details.

Please DO NOT click on TAKE SHIFT button as you will be totally responsible for this. A pop up window will let you cancel if you accidentally click on it. (take shift image)

  1. Once the client has confirmed, the shift you took will no longer be available as Open Shift, and will now be part of your schedule.


🔔These are for notifications received from head office or reminders for yourself.

📅This shows a one page picture of all available open shifts.

Finally, install the WIW app on your phone. 

Once installed you can check your shifts on the go, update your availability and use the app to get directions to the clients house (maps). 

  1. Install the scheduling application for your phone.

    1. You can install this application to your phone in order to get push notification anywhere as long as there’s an internet.

    2. Go to the embedded links in order to install WiW application to iphone or android.

    3. Follow the usual download procedure of your phone.

    4. WE ARE NOT RECOMMENDING THE USE OF TEXTING since you will be charged. Just make sure this is just used for push notifications about your schedules, time-offs and availabilities. You can change settings about notifications via the app. 

Requesting Time Off

  1. This is for requesting time off.

    1. Click on +Request time off.

  2. Choose either All Day or Partial Day.

    1. For All Day, just continue filling out the following:

      1. Time-Off Type is always Unpaid

      2. Start Date

      3. End Date

      4. Message. In this box, show the following for each client:


Client Name: [First Name] [Last Name]

Schedule: [days] [time]

Affected dates: [date/s here]

Requires fill in/out: [Y or N]


  1. For Partial Day, filled out the following:

    1. Time-Off Type is always Unpaid

    2. Start Date

    3. Start Time

    4. End Time

    5. Message. In this box, show the following for each client:


Client Name: [First Name] [Last Name]

Schedule: [days] [time]

Affected dates: [date/s here]

Requires services: [Y or N]


  1. We will be notified and we will call you to confirm.

  2. Once confirmed, we will approve your request.

  3. Once approved, the time-offs will be reflected in your My Schedule.

  4. We will then move your shifts to either OpenShift (if client/s requires fill in) or delete the affected shift/s.