Get You Organising Process; How we accomplish a tidy home with you (Our #1 Priority)

Get You Organising Process; How we accomplish a tidy home with you (Our #1 Priority)

What Is The Organising Process?

Our organising process is quite straightforward but always tailored around you.

Over the past decade, Professional Organising has come a long way. When I started GYO in 2011 many people had no idea what a professional organiser did. These days, it is a little more commonplace.

In the past, the only show featuring Organisers was ‘Hoarders’. Now, there are dozens of shows on free to air or Netflix that cover the process. Most new clients come with a basic understanding of how a professional organiser can help them (or, a not-so-practical idea from social media).

In general, the organising process involves your organiser:

  1. Helping you to set clutter or tidiness goals for your home
  2. They will work with you to declutter your home
  3. They will recommend and implement easy-to-use systems for keeping your home tidy
  4. A good organiser will always share skills and tips about tidiness that you can use to reduce clutter creep (after they leave)

A good organiser will meet your needs and help you to create a tidy system in your home that is easy for you to follow.

An experienced organiser – like the ones on our team – will use the organising process to help you to understand how clutter crept into your home suggest & implement ways that you can you avoid it happening again.

Steps of the organising process?

Although every home and every client is different, the basic process of getting a home decluttered and organised is very similar each time;

  1. Planning – We go through the home and discuss your options & goals
  2. Decluttering – We remove unneeded or unwanted items from the home.
  3. Implementation – We put your belongings into the correct space in your home for the easiest use.

Organising Process Step One: Planning & Mapping

The first step to having an organised home is to create goals and a plan. This means we need to go through each space in the home and discuss not only what is there, but how you want to use the space in the future. Although this can be a moderately legnthy process, it is always invaluable. From this conversation, we can set the goals for your home and discuss where any limitations may be. At this point, it is important to set realistic outcomes so we can manage expectations. we can be realistic about outcomes.

During this initial conversation we discuss;

  1. Timeframes for the process
  2. A plan for removing clutter (i.e. discard, donate, or sell)
  3. Additional storage we may need
  4. Your expectations

Organising Process Step Two: The decluttering process (lengthy!)

Step two is most often the longest part of the organising process. We will go through each space in the home to remove and reduce ‘clutter’. As this stage involves a lot of decision-making, it can be longest part of the process, lasting from weeks to months, depending on the size of your home, your budget, your work schedule, and the level of clutter in the home.

During the decluttering process, it is our job to keep you on track and to do the ‘heavy lifting’ when it comes to session-based work. This means that we are physically moving items around the home with you, but also that we are always mindful of keeping you on track, making adequate progress, stopping for breaks as needed, and keeping your goals top of mind. We are there to coach you through the decision-making process and then to action the implemention of the new system. As we work together, we will also be sharing insights and tools that you can use to avoid clutter returning again.

The process of decision making, or decluttering, is often very tiring but also cathartic for most clients. Often, at the beginning of the process clients find it more challenging, but over time their skills improve and we move much quicker.

organising process

Organising Process Step Three: Goal assessment & system creation

As we are moving through the home enacting the decluttering process, we will be actively implementing systems, where possible. Sometimes, we have to park items in an interim spot while we wait for another to be cleared out. By the third phase, we will have the whole home organised enough that we can see the systems working as needed. In some cases, the systems evolve as we go! It is quite fluid.

We do not rush steps two and three, as we find that it is important for families to live in newly organised spaces for some time to ensure they are comfortable with the changes and, most importantly, able to maintain them. By slowly, incrementally, improving the systems in the home, we find that clients have the best long term results – it is like building up strength in your muscles. You can’t rush it!

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