How Clutter Costs More Than An Organiser

How Clutter Costs More Than An Organiser

The High Cost Of Clutter: How much is your clutter costing you each year?

I get it.

It seems like a misnomer.

How is it possible to SAVE MONEY by hiring a professional organiser to sort out clutter in your home?

It’s actually pretty straightforward. Right now there is a high cost of clutter in your home. An excellent professional organiser will help you to uncover the reasons why your house has become cluttered (it’s likely more complex than you think) and they’ll show you how to avoid it in the future.

A professional organiser is just that – a professional expert on clutter.

At the end of the day, a good professional organiser WILL save you money – even in the short and medium-term.

85% of our clients report that they are saving money in their monthly expenditure when we have finished organising their homes. I don’t usually bring it up during initial sessions, but it is amazing (and awesome) how often clients figure it out on their own!

Calculate the high cost of clutter in your home:

  1. You overbuy food, lose it in the fridge, and it expires, so it must be discarded. This food waste adds up over time, and you end up throwing your hard-earned money into the bin along with the spoiled food.
  2. Your kitchen is so disorganised that you eat out rather than cook in it. Ordering takeout or dining at restaurants may seem convenient, but it can be a drain on your finances. By having an organised kitchen, you’ll be motivated to cook at home, saving money on expensive meals.
  3. You lose items in the house, so you have to pay to replace them (over and over). Misplaced keys, misplaced documents, misplaced tools – the list goes on. The cost of constantly replacing lost items can accumulate significantly. By decluttering and implementing organisational systems, you’ll be able to keep track of your belongings, reducing the need for costly replacements.
  4. You lose items in the home, so you have to spend time looking for them and run late to events or work. Time is money, as the saying goes. When you’re constantly searching for misplaced items, you waste valuable time that could be better spent on productive activities or even earning money. An organised home saves you time and ensures you’re punctual for important engagements.
  5. Your home is so disorganised that you refuse to have visitors, so you have to go out to catch up (which always costs more!). When you feel embarrassed about the state of your home, you tend to avoid having guests over. Instead, you meet them outside, which often leads to unnecessary expenses like dining out or going to entertainment venues. By decluttering and creating a welcoming space, you can entertain at home, saving money on external activities.
  6. You spend a lot of money on expensive ‘storage solutions’ that just don’t seem to help keep your home tidy (in fact, they make your rooms feel more cluttered). It’s a common misconception that buying more storage containers or furniture will automatically solve your clutter problem. In reality, it often leads to more accumulation of unnecessary items. A professional organiser can help you identify the root causes of clutter and develop practical, sustainable solutions that don’t require constant purchasing of storage solutions.

The high cost of clutter is not just financial.

Recently, we wrote about the link between clutter and mental health. Aside from the direct financial expenses, we know that the mental health burden related to clutter is high. Living in a cluttered environment can cause stress, anxiety, and even depression. It can also lead to relationship issues or breakdowns as the clutter takes a toll on personal interactions. Moreover, accumulated dust and mould in a cluttered home can pose health risks, resulting in medical expenses.

We once worked with a client who had extreme breathing issues in their home due to the mould that was discovered on multiple surfaces. After we reduced the clutter, their breathing improved and they no longer felt they needed to move out of their home. Not being able to breathe is a pretty high cost of clutter!

Rising mortgage costs?

In the face of rising mortgage costs, you may be looking at cutting back on spending. For many people, this means taking luxuries like external services – professional organising being one – off the table. However, in lots of homes, I am surprised by the amount of money that is spent where it doesn’t need to be. If you are not organised in your home or finances, you will face a higher amount of stress as inflation bites. If the high cost of clutter in your home is due to over-consumption, over-buying, being too-busy, or just plain mentally overloaded, I am positive that getting help from an organiser will help you save money in the medium term.

Can you really afford to do nothing?

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